A Weekend In Charlotte – Pt. 1

Weekend getaways are among my favorite things in the world. I have always had a hard time staying home, whether it was a weekend from school when I was younger or my days off from work now.

Realizing I had a weekend off (I work at a job that is open 7 days a week so my days off rotate) with my partner, we decided to take a trip down to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit my best friends.

The 6 1/2 hour drive down wasn’t bad. We didn’t hit too much traffic and the couple stops we made were really easy.

Charlotte has a vibe to it.

You’ll come to learn that I procrastinate a lot some and I didn’t book a cheap AirBnb that my girlfriend sent to me and I didn’t want to stay with my friends because I was having some sleeping complications. We ended up staying at a Holiday Inn Express in the University area. The room was nice and the staff were courteous, however the general manager walked around all day in the lobby without a mask on which I found distasteful.

Courtney and Thomas picked us up and we drove to NoDa, or North Davidson, a fairly millennial-centric arts and entertainment district. Our first stop was Great Wagon Road Distilling Co. where I got a flight of their whiskeys. Their RUA Gold is a 33-month old single malt that has a sweet finish with a touch of spice.

We walked towards the downtown area for dinner where our first option had an hour long wait. Our bellies opted to find a shorter queue and we found Bill Jack’s Shack, an excellent place to indulge on cholesterol-heavy plates like Fried Mac Nuggs, Tot-chos, and Chicken & Waffles, plus they have plenty of brews on tap.

I didn’t say my diet was the most healthy this weekend.

After the long drive, booze, and full stomach, we were dropped back off at the hotel to get some rest before the next day.

Continued in Pt. 2

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