QUICK READ: Where To Find Your American Airlines’ Trip Credit

If you remember back to early May, 2021, I had to make the hard decision of cancelling our trip to Costa Rica and reroute to Tulum. I was fairly happy at the time, as we were getting a few hundred dollars back in trip credits because American Airlines (AA) was offering no-change fees at the time due to COVID-19.

American Airlines
I haven’t flown with American much, but I have enjoyed my limited flights with them.

Here we are, nearly four months later, and I can’t seem to find out exactly how much I have or how to redeem them. In an effort to save you some time, I’m currently typing this as I sit on hold. Before I share with you the end result, let me take you through the process that may end up saving you time in the future.

The first time that I tried calling was around 10:15pm. The department is open 24 hours and I felt like that would be a time when they weren’t busy. I sat on hold for 30 minutes before hanging up to try again the next day (I have to be up at 4am for work, so I wanted to salvage a little bit of sleep.)

Two days later, I was off so I got through my morning routine, called at 11:51am and was fully prepared to lounge around for a while waiting for my call to get answered. A short while into the menu, I was offered a callback option that promises that you won’t lose your spot in line. “Okay,” I thought, “I have off the next day too, just incase this call back doesn’t happen.”

The recording did say that the call would likely happen after 4 hours. Around 5:30, I had started to suspect that the call-back thing was a hoax, so Rachel and I went to the movies. We saw Stillwater at a recently renovated cinema that has a really cool, warehouse aesthetic to it. Matt Damon did a great job in the flick and its setting of Marseille seemed very authentic, rather than an overly romanticized Euro destination.

The film came and went, we got home and I got settled in for the evening. 9:23pm hits and my phone rings. It’s the American Airlines Reservations number.

I got to speak with a great associate on the other end who was able to get me the solution I needed, the ticket number from my original return and the amount they could be redeemed for. I have also created my AAdvantage account so that any future credits can be automatically added to my wallet.

Now, I’m running into my next question – what is the difference between a flight credit and a trip credit? I purchased some cross-country tickets but wasn’t allowed to

I had assumed that it was domestic vs international flights, but I’m not positive after looking through their site. As I have titled this post a Quick Read, I’ll save the results of my search for my next post.

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