Quick Read: A Day Trip to Olhão

The backstreets of Olhao
The backstreets of Olhão.

As mentioned in my last post about what to do in Faro for 2-3 days, I suggested taking a quick and easy train ride over to the water-side town of Olhão. Arriving beside the courthouse, you take a walk through the town until you pop out by a Continente grocery store and now you can traverse south along the water.

You’ll know you’re almost at the final destination when you round a police station on the final corner of the road and you see an increase in traffic.

From here, it’s all about the two sides of the road – on one side, you have restaurant after restaurant giving you selections to choose from local food, pizza, Mexican, etc. Seriously, there are so many options.

I really want this bird tattooed on me.

One the other side are two twin buildings decked in an orange brick with red/brown roofs. These is the Mercado de Olhão. Here, you will find the largest market of fresh fish in the entire Algarve region with all kinds of options that can be filleted and prepared for you. Much like other markets you’ll find in the area, you’ll find plenty of local greens to complete your meal.

Out front of the market is a large sitting area where restaurants provide umbrella shade, live music, and food and drink to let you enjoy a slow meal in front of the water.

Back on the other side of the street, behind the wall of restaurants, you can find a long, winding maze of a walking path. This path has little plaques that highlight either the specific atrium you’re in or what a particular art piece may be symbolizing. It was super fun to just get lost back here.

We finished our evening by satiating my craving for Indian food with a delicious meal along restaurant row, before heading back to the train station and to our place in Faro.

Legend of the Enchanted Moorish Boy
Legend of the Enchanted Moorish Boy

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